Teikoku is the world's largest supplier of canned motor pumps with over 400,000 units installed worldwide, covering every application, with the widest range of hydraulic coverage and designs available.

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Teikoku is unique in that the company designs and manufactures both pumps and motors, insuring total quality control to meet exacting customer requirements for safety, performance and maximizing uptime.

Teikoku Canned Motor Pumps are specified often to replace troublesome and costly conventionally sealed pumps providing safer, more efficient operation. This is especially advantageous when pumping hazardous or hard to handle materials.

Teikoku Canned Motor pump users never have to worry about bearing conditions because every pump is supplied with an electronic bearing wear monitor that indicates actual, real-time bearing condition with on-board display and options for remote indication. Outputs enable regular scheduling of routine maintenance eliminating costly downtime.

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