High Pressure Pumps

Teikoku USA Inc and the Chempump Division offer a large variety of sealless pumps, leakproof pumps and canned motor pumps for high system pressure applications. Leakproof pumps can be designed and documented for Maximum Allowable Working Pressures (MAWP) up to 5,000 psi. The secondary pressure-retaining components are designed to the same MAWP criteria as the primary containment components. Design criteria and documentation based on third party, ASME Section III industry standard code. These high-pressure designs offer the same features and benefits as standard canned motor pumps, such as hydraulic thrust balance, internal bearing alignment, secondary containment, bearing wear indication and/or rotor position monitoring.

Recommended Pumps:
> Teikoku
> Chempump G Series
> Chempump NC Series