High Melt Point Liquid Pumps

Canned motor pumps, especially those with internal circulation, are ideal for pumping fluids with high melting points. Because the pump and motor are combined into one unit with only one internal rotating part, the entire unit can be completely jacketed for either steam or electric tracing. This allows users to maintain a temperature above the melting point of the fluid, eliminating any “cold spots” where the liquid could solidify.

Common fluids with high melt points are Maleic and Phthalic Anhydride, resins and alkylated phenols. The use of a temperature probe is highly recommended to ensure the fluid is in a liquid state. Bearing wear detection or rotor position monitoring is also available.

> View Circulation Path for Internal Circulated Full Jacket

Recommended Pumps:
> Teikoku
> Chempump NC Series