Continuous Monitoring

Teikoku’s patented Rotary Guardian (TRG) bearing wear monitor provides a view for operators into the internal working of canned pump operation. The TRG continuously monitors the critical running clearances between the stator and rotor. The output display is mounted on the pump terminal box or can be made available for remote panel-mount.

> Technical Data: Teikoku Rotary Guardian (TRG)

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> Teikoku

Available as standard in the Chempump NC Series range, IntelliSense™ is a revolutionary diagnostic system that continuously monitors and displays the position of the entire rotating assembly in both the axial and radial directions of movement. This electronic diagnostic system provides real-time data on the exact position of the rotor, which will change as a result of axial and/or radial bearing wear and/or process system changes. This information allows users to plan simple parts replacement long before a costly failure occurs. The entire diagnostic system is isolated from the process fluid and is not a sacrificial part. Local mount on the pump is standard. Remote mounting and Digital RS485, analog 4-20 mA and relay switches are also available.

> Technical Data: IntelliSense Diagnostic Monitoring System
> Technical Data: IntelliSense Output Options