API 685 Sealless Pump

Teikoku USA Inc and the Chempump Division offer a complete line of sealless, leakproof canned motor pumps fully conforming to API 685 Sealless Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Heavy Duty Chemical, and Gas Industry. API 685 is the sealless pump equivalent to API 610, which has been the industry standard for sealed centrifugal pumps for many years.

Using canned motor pumps in many of these applications eliminates the requirements for costly mechanical seals and complicated seal flush plans and provides users with a sealless product documented to current industry standards.

The company’s products also conform to the Hydraulic Institute’s standard for sealless pumps, ANSI/HI 5.1-5.6

Recommended Pumps:
> Teikoku
> Chempump G Series
> Chempump NC Series

Technical Literature:
> API 685 Brochure