POLAR Refrigeration Pumps

Canned motor pumps are the ideal choice for pumping refrigerants. These pumps offer many features such as sealless construction, compact design, low NPSHR, stainless steel construction, precision bearing wear monitoring and simplistic design. Users benefit from lower costs, easy installation, small footprint, maintenance free design, less protective controls required and in-field repair. The leakproof design of canned motor pumps is especially beneficial for environmental, safety and regulatory reasons as pumped refrigerants cannot leak to the atmosphere enabling users to meet all governmental and local regulations regarding emissions of refrigerants to the atmosphere. Refrigeration system packagers, design engineers and OEMs all over the world are specifying this technology for its emission free capabilities.

Pumps can be mounted in the horizontal or vertical position. With only one rotating shaft that is self-aligning, time consuming field alignment is eliminated. In many cases, the pumps can be mounted to the piping without a base.

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