Radial Vane Centrifugal

Radial Vane Centrifugal pumps are designed to optimize performance at low pump specific speeds, when the application calls for relatively high heads at low flow rates. Improved performance results from the pumps ability to produce up to 50% higher output head for a given impeller diameter due to the straight radial vanes and a fixed diffuser outlet. Smaller impeller diameters translate into reduced motor windage losses and therefore, less wasted horsepower. The diffuser also limits the flow the pump can produce, thereby lowering the maximum input horsepower and permitting a smaller, more efficient motor that will significantly reduce reduced pump cost. Optimized for low flow, the radial vane impeller has excellent NPSHR characteristics.

Radial Vane pumps’ compact design uses a circular volute, which reduces radial side loads on the pump shaft and bearings when the pump operates at low flow. This combination of low loads and excellent performance makes the Radial Vane pump an ideal candidate for higher rotational speeds such as those produced by a gearbox or variable-speed drive. Output heads of over 1000 ft can easily be accomplished using VFD technology.

Recommended Pumps:
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