Peripheral Regenerative Turbine

Single and two stage regenerative turbine pumps are offered for flows from 0.5 to 25 GPM and TDH up to 800 ft. at 3450 rpm. Regenerative turbine pumps are designed to optimize head rise at relatively low flow conditions. Regenerative turbine pumps are categorized as low specific speed pumps and offer users better head rise and efficiency when compared to standard centrifugal pumps in similar applications.

Increased efficiency is accomplished by adding energy to the fluid as is passes around the periphery of the turbine wheel. By repeated action of the turbine wheel on the fluid head is added around the entire circumference from the suction nozzle to the discharge. The suction nozzle is designed to minimize head losses of the fluid entering the impeller and features a relatively small low-pressure space as compared to conventional centrifugal pumps. The fluid must be accelerated tom wheel tip speed to fill the inlet chamber and begin adding the regenerative head.

The cut water can be trimmed to reduce the pressure developed by the pump and meet a specified design point.

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