Non-Water Cooled Pumps

High-temperature, non-water cooled canned motor pumps featuring proprietary high temperature motor insulation systems are available for applications where cooling water is not accessible or desirable and space is limited. These X Series units are especially applicable for use with high melt point fluids where sub-cooling the pumped fluid would cause it to solidify.

All components of the pump and motor are designed for temperatures in excess of 650O F, including the bearings, all other wearing parts, the motor insulation and, for unparalleled operator and plant safety, the primary and secondary containment shells. For applications where the process fluid must be maintained above a certain temperature, steam jackets are available for the pump casing and motor.

For high temperature, low NPSHA applications consider BX Type canned motor pumps which feature the X High Temperature motor design used with the externally cooled circulation path to isolate the liquid in the motor section of the pump. The fluid in the motor section is circulated through the motor by an auxiliary impeller located on the rotor. It then exits the motor via an external circulation line, is cooled by the ambient temperature of the environment and then re-enters the motor to lubricate the bearings and cool the motor.

Because the fluid used in the motor section circulation is returned behind the pump impeller, BX style pumps are also ideal for constant high temperature, non-cooled service where system NPSHA is relatively low. In Heat Transfer Fluid circulation systems featuring condensate fed suction vessels, this is particularly beneficial. BX Type pumps, by design will offer the lowest NPSHR of any other sealless pump because the circulated fluid is never returned to the eye of the impeller. Teikoku USA and Chempump can fit the hydraulics with the lowest NPSHR to the BX motor to maximize NPSHA vs. NPSHR margin for longest possible operating life.


  • No auxiliary cooling required
  • Compact design
  • Steam Jackets available
  • Secondary containment
  • Bearing wear monitors available
  • Two insuflation systems for temperatures to 500OF and 650OF

> View Circulation Path for High-Temp No Cooling

> View Circulation Path for High-Temp Convection Cooling

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