General Pumps

Teikoku USA Inc. and the Chempump Division offer a wide variety of sealless, leakproof canned motor pumps for general transfer. Motor sizes range from fractional to 200 horsepower and pumping temperatures range from cryogenic to 1000o F. Pumps can be manufactured using many durable materials including steel, stainless steels, Hastelloys, Monels, and even higher grade alloys. Most pumps can be fitted with bearing wear and/or radial and axial position monitoring. Canned Motor Pumps manufactured by Teikoku and Chempump are classified as follows:

Centrifugal General Transfer

Teikoku USA Inc. and the Chempump Division offer sealless, leakproof, centrifugal canned motor pumps for general transfer service. We've designed our pumps to be completely sealless in a single unit with no stuffing box, dynamic seals, or packing. Pumped fluids cannot leak out or be contaminated by in-leakage. Most pumps can be provided with a secondary containment mechanism to eliminate any chance of the fluid being pumped from escaping to the environment.

No special tools, foundations, leveling, or alignment are required for installation. Pumps can be mounted in the horizontal or vertical position to make the best use of rotor dynamics or available space.

Many pumps can be provided with bearing wear monitors or rotor position monitoring to allow trending of wear components. Armed with this information the User can plan simple parts replacement long before a costly failure might occur.