Introduced in 1994 the NC Series Chempump effectively addresses the critical issues of environmental protection, process management and cost control. The NC Series pump is the only canned motor pump to meet two industry standard sealless pump specifications as standardly produced: ASME B73.3M Specification for Sealless Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical Process and the Hydraulic Institute's Sealless Centrifugal Pumps Standard ANSI/HI-5.1-5.6 for both performance and dimensional standards.  Upgrades to standard ASME B73.3 supply can bring NC Series pumps up to API 685 compliance.

NC Series canned motor pumps have been designed totally from user input and represents the Best Available Current Technology (BACT) in sealless pumps utilizing Teikoku bearing monitor technology.  This monitoring capability will aid you, your client or customer in preventative maintenance by enabling the responsible operator to predict wear patterns based upon actual system conditions and thereby increase Mean Time Between Pump Maintenance (MTBPM) and keep you producing. Through proper use of Teikoku’s monitors, pump failures should become an expense of the past.

Mechanically, the NC Series design features many elements that will help reduce installation, maintenance and space related costs and, at the same time, enable you to project continued savings throughout the life of the installation. Other benefits and features include:

Leakproof Design - NC Series pumps are not just sealless. All sealless pumps reduce maintenance, parts inventory, product leakage and downtime associated with mechanical seals. NC Series offers all that and more. Secondary containment of the process fluid is standard. NC Series pumps provide a secondary level of containment where, in the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure, all pumped fluid will remain in your system. Secondary containment is especially important in high system pressure applications. The safety and housekeeping issues associated with highly volatile or expensive pumpage being contained in this manner are a real system design plus.

High Efficiency Motors - NC Series motors are designed and manufactured by Chempump specifically for use with canned motor pumps. This high efficiency design allows for the use of thicker primary containment adding increased margin for containment without loss of efficiency.

Spare Parts - Minimal spare parts inventory is required as NC Series pumps utilize fewer components than sealed and magnetically coupled pumps. NC Series pumps provide a level of interchangeability that encompasses all wearing parts across the entire model range. Bearings, thrust surfaces and shaft sleeve are the same for all pumps in the range from 5 to 50 HP. Inventory of spares is therefore, significantly reduced. Back pullout design is inherently standard and enables quick and easy replacement of all wearing parts without removing the pump casing from line.

Service - All Chempump products are manufactured in either, Warminster, PA or Belmont, WV.  Customers are supported by a fully staffed service department in all three of Teikoku’s USA’s location.  Application engineering and start-up assistance are also available at no additional charge.

Project Life Savings - Studies indicate that the use of Chempump canned motor pumps offer users long-term savings when installed with diagnostic monitors that indicate when preventative maintenance is required.

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