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Chempump's Dynapump series of canned motor pumps are designed and constructed to provide maximum reliability, design simplicity and sealless performance at a relatively low cost.

Dynapump canned motor pumps range from fractional to 5 horsepower units designed for sealless handling of a wide range of corrosive, volatile, expensive and other hard to handle fluids. Dynapumps are ideally suited for OEM applications where leak free circulation of high value fluids is critical to system performance.

Simplicity? That's the word for Dynapump.

Simple because the pump and motor are combined into one hermetically sealed unit, preventing fluids from leaking out or contaminates from seeping in. Dynapumps have no dynamic seals and require no external lubrication.

Simple because the Dynapump incorporates only one moving part and eliminates the need for alignment. Maintenance on seals is eliminated and overall maintenance is reduced.

The lightweight Dynapump permits installation directly in the pipeline and requires no special foundations, costly leveling or alignment.

The Dynapump line is economical and competitive with centrifugal pumps using mechanical seals. Chempump's Dynapump line will deliver dependable, leakproof pumping at an economical price.

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