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Affordable, Available & Sealless — Revolutionary Dynapump LE ANSI B73.3 Canned Motor Centrifugal Pumps and specialty PT/LE Regenerative Turbine Pumps

Now engineered, 316 Stainless Steel canned motor pumps can be supplied at a price comparable to mechanically sealed ANSI pumps.  Low Flow, High Head Regenerative Turbine Pumps provide extremely safe and highly reliable alternatives to small, mag-drive or sealed external spur gear pumps.  And all LE pumps can be shipped quickly; when you need them—with just-in-time order fulfillment.

You already know about the benefits of canned motor technology. Now, with Dynapump LE ANSI Centrifugal and Regenerative Turbine pumps, Teikoku USA removes price as an obstacle to specification and purchase decisions on superior pumping technology. There's no reason to spec anything else for your simple & standard ANSI pump applications or low flow, high head requirements.

  • LE Pumps are the greenest pump you can buy—no leaks...ever!
  • 100% leak-free, double containment surpasses mag drive pumps in safety
  • Innovative design keeps the bearings running cooler—greatly increasing Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM) intervals
  • LOW PRICE rivals maintenance intensive, mechanical-seal process pumps
  • Available with NRTL certifications of suitability for use in Division 1 HAZLOC
  • Suitable for use with Variable Frequency Drives.
  • Available in Plan 13-SE, reverse circulated designs for handling hazardous, low boiling point, volatile liquids safely

"With the Dynapump LE pumps' performance and price, Teikoku USA has blown-away our paradigm for specifying and installing ANSI pumps, sealed or sealless, in sizes up to 3 x 2-8."
— Reliability Engineer

Dynapump LE Regenerative Turbine & ANSI Canned Motor Centrifugal Pumps:

  • Totally eliminate hazardous emissions & costly leaks
  • Totally eliminate seal leaks, associated maintenance & costly downtime
  • Totally eliminate single containment mag drives
  • Totally eliminate mag drive high cost
  • Totally eliminate lengthy delivery delays

Bearing maintenance & failure problems?

All Dynapump LE pumps are supplied, as standard, with an on-board, rotating element position TRGTM monitor which provides real-time indication of bearings’ condition.  Data-based, preventative maintenance based on actual bearing condition has never been this affordable.

Only canned motor, sealless pumps feature bearing wear monitoring and, as installed on Dynapump LE pumps, elevates the capability of standard, low cost, quick ship process pumps.


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