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Teikoku USA understands the challenges of being environmental friendly while improving cash flow with lower installation cost, reducing downtime and a safer work place. We are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of “Low Probability” canned motor pumps.


Benefits and Advantages

  • Environmentally safe.
  • Inherent double containment.
  • Bearing wear and rotor position monitoring provides the user preventative and predictive maintenance to replace worn parts before catastrophic failure can occur. Bearing wear indication can have remote outputs for monitoring by a Data Control System (DCS).
  • Longer mean time between planned maintenance than conventional centrifugal pumps.
  • Minimum number of components.
  • No alignment–Hot or Cold–Rotating element floats, therefore lower vibration.
  • No external lubrication to monitor and maintain.
  • No mechanical seals or mechanical seal support systems to monitor or fail.
  • Substantially smaller footprint than conventional frame mounted centrifugal pump.
  • Inherent airtight design. Great for vacuum services and fluids that react with the atmosphere.
  • Extremely quiet. No motor fan noise or vibration noise from misalignment.
  • Explosion proof by design as standard.
  • No pipe Strain imposed by thermodynamic forces due to temperature fluctuations.
  • Back pullout design. Maintenance can be performed without removing the casing from the piping.
  • All Teikoku products and Chempump NC series pumps are performance tested prior to shipment.
  • No concrete support pad required. Cost and space savings and quicker installation (Pumps can be mounted into the piping or stilt mounted).
  • Only two bearings in the Teikoku USA canned motor pump.
  • Frame mounted centrifugal pump have 4 bearings.
  • Frame mounted mag drive pumps have 6 bearings (two in the process fluid).
  • On-site start-up assistance and troubleshooting at no cost to the customer.
  • Pumps, parts and service available throughout the country through corporate service centers and extensive rep network.
  • Configurations and flow paths to handle any application: Clean, volatile fluids, high temperature, cryogenic service and slurries.
  • LDAR (Leak Detection & Repair). Eliminate LDAR and OSHA pump reported incidences.
  • Pumps can be mounted in the horizontal or vertical position. With only one rotating shaft that is self-aligning, time consuming field alignment is eliminated. In many cases, the pumps can be mounted to piping without a base.

Users benefit from lower costs, easy installation, small footprint, maintenance free design, less protective controls required and in-field repair. The leakproof design of canned motor pumps is especially beneficial for environmental, safety, and regulatory reasons as pumped refrigerants cannot leak into the atmosphere. This enables users to meet all governmental and local regulations regarding emissions of refrigerants to the atmosphere. Refrigeration system packagers, design engineers, and OEMs all over the world are specifying this technology for its emission free capabilities.


Ammonia Refrigerant Pumps

ALP 13-SE Ammonia Pump

MODEL R42-217P4BL-0104QM4-J

Reverse Circulation – API 685 Plan 13-SE ADVANTAGES:

  • Prevents Anhydrous NH3 from vaporizing in the
    primary containment
  • Lower cost construction
  • Operator-friendly in traditional Teikoku refrigeration pump design
ALP 1-SD ammonia pump

MODEL F42-217P4BL-0104QM4-JR

Pressurized Circulation – API 685 Plan 1-SD ADVANTAGES:

  • Prevents Anhydrous NH3 from vaporizing by unique internal pressurization system
  • Keeps pressure in primary containment above boiling point of liquid at all times
  • Eliminates extra piping, flow control and associated costs to pipe to low pressure area

CO2 Refrigerant Pumps


MODEL R44-218P4BL-0506SS1-J

  • Flows to 155 GPM
  • High Speed P-Motor
  • 600 psig design pressure standard
CO2 218

MODEL R44-417C4BL-0810T1-E

  • Flows to 350 GPM
  • Low Speed C-Motor
  • 600 psig design pressure standard

General Refrigerant Pumps

  • Various Model Sizes to Fit Customer Needs
  • ANSI 300# Flanges
  • Flows from 20 GPM to 480 GPM



R-Type Refrigeration Manual

ALP 13-SE Manual

ALP 1-SD Manual

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