Since 1963, Chem/Meter pumps have been providing metering pump users with highly accurate, responsive and sealless solutions to the industry's most demanding process and OEM applications. Designed in response the users' needs for a higher degree of reliability, Chem/Meter delivers these solutions in highly engineered or off-the-shelf packages that incorporate the latest in electronic automated flow control, leak detection and modular steady flow performance.

Today, Chem/Meter is the only manufacturer to have achieved the quality necessary to meet the demanding ASME N-Stamp certification for nuclear service. This level of Quality is incorporated throughout the Chem/Meter range, and is thereby offered with an industry leading two-year warranty.

Chem/Meter offers a complete line of diaphragm metering pumps covering a full hydraulic performance envelope, a wide range of liquid end styles and materials of construction enabling the injection of virtually any liquid and complete set of options to accommodate any external process condition or automation requirement.

Chem/Meter delivers Performance under pressure.

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