Canned Motor Pumps VS Centrifugal Pumps

Teikoku & Chempump Canned Motor Pumps vs. Centrifugal Pumps with Mechanical Seals

Compare to Centrifugal Pumps with Mechanical Seals

Advantages of Teikoku & Chempump Canned Motor Pumps

No Mechanical Seals 
Faulty seals can cause a process shutdown upon failure. No secondary containment.

No Time-Consuming Maintenance 
No motor and pedestal bearing lubrication levels to be continually monitored and maintained.

Canned Motor Pump is Single Motor & Pump Combination 
Never a need to align – hot or cold. Motor windings are sealed from environment. No special foundation is required because canned motor pumps weigh less than conventionally sealed pumps and can never be misaligned.

Reduced Noise Levels 
All extra sources of noise are eliminated with canned motor pumps. There are no motor cooling fans required. Rotating parts, such as coupled shafts and bearing pedestal assemblies are eliminated greatly reducing noise.

Eliminates Regularly Required Emissions Inspections & Reporting 
Since canned motor pumps cannot leak, costly and time consuming government and company emission monitoring, record keeping and reporting are not required.

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