The Industry Standard for Sealless Pump Monitoring and Reliability for Over 30 Years

The Teikoku Rotary Guardian (TRG)* takes the “mystery” out of canned motor pump operation by utilizing real time output of critical running clearances to both monitor current conditions and develop data based preventative maintenance schedule.

Principle of Operation

  1. The TRG meter operates on the principle of induced voltage. A magnetic field is created in the TRG coils by the current flowing through the stator winding. In addition, a magnetic field is created by induced currents in the rotor.
  2. When the rotor is perfectly centered in the stator, the two magnetic fields are essentially concentric or balanced.
  3. When bearing wear occurs and the gap ‘b’ between the rotor and stator decreases, a magnetic flux created by the imbalance in the magnetic fields causes an induced voltage in the TRG coils. 4. This voltage is indicated on the TRG voltmeter. The meter is mounted on the pump terminal box as standard but is available as remote panel-mount.

Monitor Running Clearances and Bearing Conditions


  • Monitors & indicates rate of radial bearing wear
  • Detects lost phase
  • Shows reverse rotation


TRG with Phase Sequence Sensor in Operation

TRG initial indication varies from pump to pump. Users can record the initial value to establish a baseline. This determines a point from which to monitor the wear rate of the bearings and establishes preventative maintenance schedules.



TRG Converter

Provides TRG signal output converted to either analog 4-20mA or 1-5 VDC for remote set point I&E control systems. Unit suppled for DIN Rail Mount and powered with plant instrument DC24V power supply.